Comunication system
with photovoltaic solar energy
Comunication system

Most communication systems are installed at remote sites.

Its installation with photovoltaic solar energy systems guarantees great independence, little maintenance and guarantee of operation also in cases of emergency.

The communication system consists of at least:
- PV solar panel
- Regulator
- Drums
- Communication equipment with its accessories.
Many of the organizations of Ecuadorian nationalities need HF radio communication systems in order to have access to any information and for cases of emergencies in the communities.

Some communication equipment, such as satellite receivers and repeaters, work with alternating currents, in this case the system must be increased by the inverter or, if necessary, check at the technical level, if the internal voltage of the equipment is adaptable to the photovoltaic system in directly (there are teams that work internally with voltages from 12 to 48 V with direct current).

In the case of repeaters, it is necessary to foresee whether the necessary operating time will be 24 hours per day or perhaps less.
Radio de comunicación HF con energia solar fotovoltaica
Radio de comunicación HF de la FIPSE en Macas
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Radio de comunicación HF con energia solar fotovoltaica