Solar drinking water projects
Proyectos de agua y electrificación, CODESO
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Generalities of water supply projects
Most of the projects presented here are carried out with economic limitations, providing a basic service to the communities.

In the future, it is planned to increase these systems based on the income collected by the users. In addition, it is expected to be able to win other co-financers to be able to provide more services to families, for example, having the possibility of installing water intakes with taps and meters directly in the houses. Most of the projects need to install latrines or private toilets, etc.
Direct photovoltaic solar pumping
Today we almost always install direct solar pumping systems, whether for human, animal or irrigation consumption (without batteries).

This means that photovoltaic systems with batteries and inverter are no longer used, but with solar pumps from the German brand Lorentz, expensive batteries can be omitted. Batteries are not only expensive on first installation, but their lifespan is much less than the lifespan of solar panels or pumps.

In most facilities, the use of an elevated reservoir tank can be foreseen, which supplies night consumption, and which guarantees the necessary pressure for the use of water. Thus, the photovoltaic pump can raise a greater amount of water.
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Lorentz bombeo fotovoltaico solar
Lorentz solar photovoltaic pumping
With the different sensors and controls it is easy to install pumping systems for water for human consumption and for irrigation in agriculture and for animals.
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Lorentz Solar Pumps
Maintenance Free Submersible Pumps
Works with solar panels, wind power or generator
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This type of water supply system with photovoltaic energy, like all solar systems, has the following important characteristics:

Sustainable, because the energy source is the sun, it does not contaminate the environment, nor does it consume fuel, it has a long useful life (the panels last more than 30 years) and it can be increased by modules, it does not require major maintenance.

Independent, because it only depends on the sun, it does not need a connection to the public electricity network, nor fuels.

Economical, it is not spent on fuel or maintenance.
Battery and inverter operation of the photovoltaic pumping system
Solar photovoltaic PV operation (without batteries or direct)

It captures and transforms the sun's rays with photovoltaic solar panels. With the controller - inverter, the direct current is transformed into three-phase alternating current and fed to the pump motor.

From the well, or in turn from the accumulation reservoir, the water is pumped to the distribution tank for storage and from there to public outlets or houses.

The Lorentz solar pumping system works completely automatically, and its operation can be controlled and reviewed in the App of the cell phone with Bluetooth, and optionally in the dedicated page on the Internet.

Depending on the case, a purification system or other treatments are installed.
Battery and inverter operation of the photovoltaic pumping system
Battery and inverter operation

In cases where nighttime solar pumping is required, a battery bank must be used. The useful life of deep-discharge, sealed, and maintenance-free batteries is typically after 3 to 7 years (depending on make and model). Due to the replacement of the accumulator bank, solar pumping systems without batteries are cheaper in the long term.